Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

The Adverse Child Experiences Study

  • Discusses the ACE study results that link childhood trauma to long-term health and social consequences

Child Welfare Information Gateway 

  • Information resource for professionals on the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families
  • Family-centered practice
  • Information on child abuse and neglect
  • Preventing child abuse and neglect
  • Responding to child abuse and neglect
  • Supporting and preserving families

Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund 

  • The Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) is dedicated to funding community-based programs to prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Contains news and updates
  • Additional information and resources

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance 

  • Front Porch Project (American Humane Association curriculum) – how the community can get involved in ensuring children are safe
  • Mandated Reporter Training for school personnel, clergy, social service workers
  • Statewide Child Abuse Prevention Month activities
  • Resources for parents/Family Support programs
  • Resources for staff/affiliates

Prevent Child Abuse – Pennsylvania Chapter 

  • Only PCA chapter in the nation housed in a state AAP chapter
  • Public awareness and promotion of resources
  • “Quick Tips” on calming a crying baby, parenting tips and safe sleep for your baby
  • Mandated Reporter information
  • One Kind Word program
  • Statewide Child Abuse Prevention Month activities (Pinwheels for Prevention)

Resilience Trumps ACES

  • Children’s Resilience Initiative from Washington State
  • Explores how building resilience in children can help them to overcome trauma and adverse experiences

SCAN – Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect 

  • Mandated reporter training for medical personnel
  • Crying Cards